About the Author

R. David Stewart is not a professional preacher, minister or evangelist. He does have a public speaking background, including preaching, during his 40+ years of business experience in sales, and did serve for a number of years on the Elder Board of his church. It is from this broad perspective, and with five grandchildren, that he brings a passion to arouse the Church, both clergy and layperson, to rise up and engage in the struggle “against the rulers … against the powers of this dark world …” who have captured every commonsense idea of morality and decency in this country and who are threatening our liberties and freedom in the process. So strong is this passion that even with no previous writing experience this book has emerged. The author is a Christian, which means as folks don’t often realize, an acknowledged sinner first. He is an ordinary average person who is blessed to be a citizen of the USA, a nation once perceived to be “under God” but no longer; and is deeply distressed by how this profanes God’s holy name while Churches rarely even acknowledge it much less resist it.